Evenimente ACE Septembrie 2012


6th World Urban Forum, Naples – ITALY

Up to 7 September 2012, UN Habitat is organizing the 6th World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy. Authorities and representatives will discuss four major topics: (1) Urban Planning: institutions and regulations, (2) Improving the quality of life, (3) Equity and Prosperity: distribution of wealth and opportunities, (4) Productive Cities: competitive and innovative cities and urban mobility, energy and environment. For more information, go to: http://www.unhabitat.org/categories.asp?catid=672

European Conference on Sustainable Renovation of Buildings, Karlsruhe – GERMANY

A two day European Conference on Sustainable Renovation of Buildings will be held from 13 to 14 September 2012 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Participants will discuss key emerging issues including: climate change, environmental degradation and greening of building stocks; the opportunities and challenges facing the building industry and how efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and energy use is reshaping the construction and building renovation sector; and programs, methods, best practices, innovative solutions, and latest technology and techniques for sustainable renovation of buildings. Please find below the link to download the conference brochure:

http://etechgermany.com/ECSR_2012.pdf or contact via email: sustainability@etechgermany.net

Governing Sustainable Urban Development: Experiences from China and the EU, Brussels – BELGIUM

The EU Committee of the Regions is organising the thematic seminar “Governing Sustainable Urban Development: Experiences from China and the EU”, on 19 September 2012 (14:30-17:30, Jacques Delors Building, Rue Belliard 101, 1040 Brussels). During this seminar, high-level officials of city administrations, practitioners and academics will present a number of case studies from cities on how to bring about effective governance to sustainable urban development policies and projects. Presentations will be followed by a debate with the audience. A draft programme of the event is available on http://cor.europa.eu/en/news/events/Pages/EU-China-Mayors.aspx

To register for this event (deadline 10 September), please visit the following website: http://www.euchinamayorsforum.eu/registration.html and use the login EUChinaBrussels.

London 2012 Inspired Exhibitions – UK

Up to 21 September 2012, the RIBA is hosting two exhibitions at 66 Portland Place that take inspiration, in different but fascinating ways, from London 2012. Design Stories: the Architecture behind 2012 and After the Party: the Legacy of Celebration highlight the role of architecture in London 2012 sporting venues and other one-off public celebrations. For more information, visit RIBA website at the following address: http://www.architecture.com/

Towards a Common European framework for Sustainable Building Assessment, Brussels – BELGIUM

Several European projects have developed, compared, harmonized, and explored various building assessment tools. Six European projects (including OpenHouse in which the ACE is involved) have held four joint working sessions over the last 2 years to find a collective agreement for a common framework for assessing sustainable building. Based on the results of the CEN/TC350 and outcomes of the different projects, this collective presents its results on 10th of October from 14:00. This conference will be held at Euroregion Alpes Méditerranée, rue du Trône 62, 1050 Brussels. To download the programme, go to:

http://www.fedarene.org/documents/Events/2012_10_Raee_CESBA/CESBA_Invitation_%20Final_EN.pdf To register: http://www.fedarene.org/index.php?option=com_jforms&view=form&id=19

BIPV3: Separating fact from fiction, an essential guide for designers, London – UK

The Building Research Establishment is organising this year’s Building Integration of Photovoltaic (BIPV) Event in collaboration with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and SETA Network. This conference will take place at RIBA London on 17 October 2012. It will bring together architects, suppliers and independent BIPV experts to stimulate a dialogue and better understand the benefits of a holistic and integrated approach to lower carbon footprint of buildings. For more information on this event, go to: http://www.bre.co.uk/eventdetails.jsp?id=6259


New National Stadium Japan – International Design Competition

The Japan Sport Council has announced the opening of a design competition for the construction of a new national stadium in Japan. The construction of the stadium is being undertaken as a national project on a scale unprecedented in this century. The stadium is scheduled for completion in 2018, and if Japan is selected to host the 2020 Olympic games, it will be used as the primary venue for both, the 2020 Olympic games and Paralympic games. Proposals must be sent by 25 September 2012. To read more on the competition, go to: http://www.jpnsport.com/en/


Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, Madrid – SPAIN

On 14 to 30 September 2012, the competition Solar Decathlon Europe culminates in the construction and exhibition of the 20 prototypes at a unique site – The Villa Solar – where houses will be opened for visits. Solar Decathlon Europe is an international competition among universities, which promotes research in the development of efficient houses. The objective of the participating teams is to design and build houses that consume as few natural resources as possible and produce minimum waste products during their life cycle. Particular emphasis is put on reducing energy consumption and on obtaining all the necessary energy from the sun. For more information, go to:


“100 Architects of the Year” Exhibition, Daijun – KOREA

As part of the Korean Festival of Architecture, the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) is organising, for the first time, an international architecture exhibition from 18 to 23 October 2012 in Daijun, Korea. The festival theme is: “Architecture and Science”. Architects worldwide are invited to submit their works for this exhibition entitled: “100 architects of the year 2012”. Submission takes place on-line. To download the participation conditions, go to: http://www.webhard.net/ Identification: kiaftp / Password: kia123

To register, please download the form from the participation conditions document and send it completed before 28 September to the following e-mail address: jpj@kia.or.kr Selected works will be presented on panels during the festival and published in a printed catalogue. A presentation of the next UIA congress in Durban will be made during the festival.


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